Elk Lake Resort says closure signage is hurting business

As the Cedar Creek Fire continues to burn, the Deschutes National Forest has released an expanded emergency closure area. This includes trailheads, lakes and other day-use areas.

But Elk Lake is not closed and Elk Lake Resort says the closure signage is confusing people — and hurting business.

“It has affected our business. Not a lot of people have been coming in,” said Elk Lake Resort bartender Lauren Farmer. “They see the sign that it’s cut off at Homer. It’s just south of Homer that it’s cut off at. We’re actually right there on the border of it.”

The Lake is on the literal border.

Elk Lake Trailhead, right across the street from Elk Lake Resort, is closed, but the resort still has its gates open.

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But will it shut down soon?

“Absolutely not. It’s a little windy today but no, it’s not bad. There’s no smoke really in the air. It’s a pretty day, great for sailing too. It’s just that people don’t know we’re open,” said Farmer.

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A few customers and lake-goers said the same about the smoke.

“Well, we watched the weather and knew that fire was going to be coming up, but we wanted to rest out a kayak because my friends are visiting from out of town. And so we got here about 10 and it was really calm and it actually got more clear and crisp,” said MaryLynne Jones.

“We were surprised because we’ve been watching the smoke and where it’s going for the last week while we’ve been up here and we thought it would be a little hazier than it is. It’s actually pretty blue sky,” said Steve Daschel.

“The air looks really clear except where the fire is. It’s been a delightful time here,” said Allegra Andersen.

When asked about the signs, everyone Central Oregon Daily News spoke with said they are familiar with the area, but could see how newcomers might be confused.