Enjoy A Stay At A Cheap Hotel In Cabo San Lucas


You will save your hard earned dollars on your Cabo San Lucas vacation with a cheap Cabo San Lucas hotel. Although these hotels are cheap to stay in they will not let you down on your vacation. They are some of the highest rated Cabo hotels according to Trip Advisor. These hotels in Cabo San Lucas not only save you money on your accommodation, but they save you money on your cab fares as well.

These hotels are right in the middle of downtown Cabo so you're next door to the Cabo nightlife. It's effortless to go for a night out at one of the popular nightspots in Cabo San Lucas, and be just a couple of minutes walk from your hotel. Without cab fares you get more of your money to spend on the things you enjoy the most.

A budget Cabo hotel offers you the luxury of not continually being approached by the timeshare sharks. They populate the expensive beach resorts, and for most of the time, ruin many family's vacations.

A cheap Cabo hotel is Siesta Suites, and this hotel gets a ton of good reviews. At $ 75 a night it is value for money, and a week here will cost you less than one night at a beach resort. You're not going to get the luxury of a beach resort, so if that's what you want the Siesta Suites will not be very accommodating for you. If you just need a bed, friendly staff and your meals then this Cabo hotel should be on your shortlist.

Los Milagros is ranked number 1 at Trip Advisor at the moment, and it is one of the cheapest you can stay in. At around $ 85 a night it's a bargain. You're greeted by friendly staff, which is something a lot of people have a problem with at the large resorts. The manageress, Sandra, gets an incredible amount of good feedback from people that have stayed at the Los Milagros because she will go out of her way to help her clientele. If you want advice on where to eat, and nightspots to visit she is more than happy to help you. Sandra is probably one of the reasons this Cabo San Lucas hotel is rated number 1.

If you want to stay at a larger hotel then the Hotel Mar De Cortez is probably what you need. This Cabo San Lucas hotel is much larger than the other hotels already mentioned above. You have a larger selection of rooms with 90 of them to choose from. If you like to meet more people during your vacations you will feel better suited with this Cabo hotel. The pool area is bigger as well which is good if you like to sunbath during the day. Again you're in the middle of downtown Cabo San Lucas, and you're a stone's throw away from Cabo Wabo. If you enjoy an evening at Cabo Wabo you will not have far to stagger back to your hotel.

Another Cabo hotel that is cheap, and gets a lot of good reviews is The Bungalows hotel. This hotel is a bit more expensive than your usual budget hotel, but at around $ 135 a night it is no where hear the price of a larger hotel or resort. This is also the number 2 rated Cabo San Lucas hotel according to Trip Advisor. It regularly gets good reviews, and the staff are said to be some of the friendliest in Cabo San Lucas.


Source by Jason King