Newborn Baby, This Is A Gift That Can Be Given

Does your closest friend have a newborn? If so, of course we need to congratulate them by giving gifts to their newborn babies. However, not all children’s gifts are suitable for you to give, you know.

Of course, we have to choose baby equipment that is suitable for newborns. Well, one way is to find out the age information listed on the item. Make sure you give baby products that have information on the age under 3 months or say “newborn baby”.

Instead of being confused about having to give a gift to your friend’s child, don’t worry, this time we have some gift ideas for newborns that you can give. Check out the following.

1. Baby blanket

Newborn babies catch a cold more easily, so they are prone to catching colds. Therefore, we must prepare a special warm blanket for babies.
Well, you can make a blanket as a gift idea for the right newborn, you know. However, make sure you provide blankets with soft and safe materials for babies.

2. Cutlery

Did you know that babies also have to use special cutlery, you know. You can provide a set of bottles, such as milk bottles with nipples, water bottles, and special ones for storing breast milk.
Apart from that, you can also provide a bottle brush and breast pump, which will definitely be used from newborn to 6 months of age.

3. Cutlery Sterilizer

Newborn babies will be very sensitive to viruses or bacteria around them. For that, we must always maintain the cleanliness of every item that our little one uses.
You can give a baby food tool sterilizer as a gift. Sterilizers can help kill viruses or bacteria that are on baby eating utensils, such as milk bottles, bottle brushes, pacifiers, and so on.

4. Diaper bag

When traveling with newborn babies, we need to bring a variety of baby equipment, ranging from spare diapers, baby wipes, diaper changing pads, cream to diaper rash powder, and so on.For this reason, a baby backpack or diaper bag can be the right gift idea. You can choose a diaper bag that is large and strong.

5. Teethers and pacifiers

One of the difficulties that parents experience when having a newborn is calming their little one down so they don’t cry. Usually, children will be given toys according to their age.
Well, baby pacifiers and teethers or biting toys make perfect gifts. Pacifiers and teethers can help soothe babies and keep them from crying.

6. Tub or shower chair

Everyone definitely needs a bath to keep his body clean, so does the baby. So, if you have a baby, the mother has to prepare a tub or bath chair so that it’s easier when it’s time to clean the little one’s body.
You can give the tub or bath chair as a gift for a newborn.

7. Baby strollers

Other gift suggestions for newborns. We can also give gifts in the form of strollers or strollers. This is so that parents don’t get tired if they have to carry their baby while traveling.