Recommended Wedding Gifts for Girlfriends

In giving the best wedding gifts to those closest to you, the best tip is to give useful gifts. Certainly in accordance with the hobby of the bride and groom and interesting.

There are a variety of items that can provide benefits for newlyweds that you can make the best wedding gift choice. So, what are the wedding gift options for the best girl friend? Come on, find out the options below!

Home Decoration Supplies

Home decor essentials are suitable as a special gift. Because the house of a newlywed couple needs unique and beautiful knick-knacks. Such as wall hangings, wall clocks, tablecloths, flower vases, electric candle lights, crystal displays, or even woven decorations. Of course you want to give a very memorable and useful gift for a newlywed couple.

Couple Pajamas

Couple pajamas can also be a suitable wedding gift idea for newlyweds. With this couple’s pajamas, they will be closer and more comfortable. If you are one of their close friends, you can also choose this pajama wedding gift according to what they like. For example their favorite color or character image that suits them, and so on.

Couple Watch

In addition to being romantic at home with couple pajamas, you can also gift a pair of watches for the bride and groom. Where, watches are one of the things that are quite important in daily needs, especially for busy couples.

To choose a watch that suits them, make sure you choose a simple model and make sure the newlywed couple likes the color. That way, they will both remember the time and remember the gift you gave.

Terrarium Plants

This one plant is trending in 20202. Well, if your friends as a bridal couple like plants or gardening, this gift could be perfect for them. Terrarium is one of the ornamental plants that are in the glass with various shapes. This plant is beautiful enough to be used as an addition to home decor, can be placed on a table or hung.

This plant has a diameter ranging from 6-10 cm with many attractive design options. The price is also quite affordable and very suitable for those of you who want to buy goods with a limited budget.

Miniature Bride Sculpture

As a symbol of love, giving a statue of a bride and groom can be a special unique gift. In Javanese tradition, there is what is known as the “Loro Blonyo statue”. This statue is a sculpture depicting a pair of Javanese brides wearing complete bridal attributes.

This artistic statue is suitable as a gift to the newlyweds. This statue has a symbol as a unifier of two humans in the bond of marriage. However, in the modern era like now, you can also give a symbol of a bridal statue that can match the bride, or maybe make a statue of a bride with their face.

Kitchen appliances

Giving kitchen utensils as a wedding gift is the right choice for your girlfriend. Where, the newlyweds need kitchen equipment to fill their new home. The kitchen utensils that you can make as a wedding gift are a set of knives, a gas stove or a set of cooking utensils. For newlyweds, of course, they still need household appliances, such as kitchen utensils.


If your friend is a busy person and doesn’t have time to cook. Microwave can be an alternative gift that you can give. This is very suitable for those who have a myriad of jobs even though they are newly married.

Besides being practical, microwaves can also simplify the cooking process. So, if your friend who is getting married is a busy couple, you can buy a microwave so they don’t have to bother heating their food anymore.

Bedroom Fixtures

A newlywed couple will need some household furniture to fill their new home, one of which is bedroom equipment. You can make bedroom equipment as a wedding gift for those closest to you. Bedrooms that are equipped with unique and attractive bedroom fixtures will make the occupants comfortable to linger in the bedroom.